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laminator for Hologram material laminating and hot melt adhensive coating Machine(Hologram Printer)

1. HL Serie A Film laminator:


This Machine(Hologram Printer) is suitable for Hologram material laminating, such as PET film, pressure sensitive Hologram
metalized film, non pressure sensitive Hologram metalized film, transparent Hologram film, transparent Hologram card, etc..


1. Flat structure is used for dry oven, with track chain for transporting material.
2. Frequency-control stepless regulation is adopted for whole Machine(Hologram Printer) set.
3. High automation level, easy for operation and maintenance.
4. Drying oven is added behind cooling box, with multi-stage control of temperature.
5. Two-position rotary winding table is adopted, realizing automatic rewinding by fixed length with

Specifications of laminator body:

1. Voltage std.:220V 50HZ
2. Power consumption:4KW
3. Dimension: 2000MM*2000MM*2800MM
4. Weight:300KG

Specifications of laminator power(controller):

1. Voltage std.:220V 50HZ
2. Power consumption:1.5KW
3. Dimension: 400MM*600MM*700MM
4. Weight: 70KG


Hot Melt Adhensive Coating Machine(Hologram Printer)
To coat hot melt glue onto Hologram Hot Stamping Foil.


1. Workinng speed: 1-55 m/min
2. Maximum coating width:200mm
3. Power: 380v 20KW
4. L*W*H:2700mm*800mm*1900mm
5. Weight:900kg




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